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 About Virtual Reality

 VR, or virtual reality, is a new and exciting technology. VR transports you to another world through the use of a headset. Imagine piloting a spaceship through the depths of the galaxy, or climbing the Grand Canyon as the wildlife buzzes aroud you. This is acheived through the use of two different screens, one for each eye, which give the illusion of depth and make VR a stunningly realistic experience. However, because it is such a new technology, it is difficult for the average person to get their hands on, expensive, complicated to set up and continuously improving.



About Us

VRexplores is an entreprenurial adventure brought to you by 3 kids who want to bring the future to your door. We want you to learn about this wonderful new technology and experience what VR has to offer.  We see VR as a new, incredible technology and we want you to get to experience it with us. It is a vast blue ocean, full of mind-boggling possibilites. We hope you will help us explore just how far it goes and look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Hayden Morris

Director of People

Hayden is an 8th grade student who has never met a sport he didn't like.  Hadyen's ability to work well on teams makes him perfect for guiding our VR guides and guests.  Hayden's first business was a dog walking business where he learned how to keep appointments and follow through on his commitments. In his free time Hayden is usually found outside with a football or lacrosse stick in his hand.

Favorite VR experience:  The Climb

Ellie Morris

Director of Marketing

Ellie is a creative 7th grade student who has always had a passion for starting her own business. Ellie is highly motivated to ensure our guests have an experience to remember and is always seeking feedback and new ideas.  In fourth grade Ellie launched Biscuits and Gravy, a boutique dog biscuit company and hired friends to help manage production and sales. Ellie learned how to manage a P&L and make projections to set growth goals for her business.   In her free time Ellie enjoys dance, cooking and hanging out with friends.

Favorite VR experience: Tilt Brush

Meet The Team

Kendall Morris


Kendall has found entrepreneurship to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her professional career and is passionate about developing a future generation of entrepreneurs.  Founder and CEO of Create Digital, a digital marketing agency, Kendall was well positioned to identify the opportunity of virtual reality and see the growth potential of the industry.  The combination of her teaching experience, marketing experience, business leadership and entrepreneurial passion make VRexplores the perfect business to grow.  In her free time Kendall focuses on family, friends and enjoying each day.

Favorite VR experience: Tilt Brush

Rob Morris


Rob ensures every event exceeds our customer's expectations.  He brings his extensive experience in software sales and youth sports coaching to the team.  Rob marries the ability to understand client needs with his abilities to coach and mentor youth to VRexplores.  

Favorite VR experience:  Football

Parker Morris

Director of Product

Parker is a 10th grade student who is a constant learner interested in a broad variety of topics.  Parker has a particular interest in technology.  He ensures we always have the best new products in the market and teaches us all how to use them.  Parker's first business was a lawn cutting service.  He learned the importance of supply and demand when neighbors began offering him 4 times the rate his dad was paying him.  In his free time Parker enjoys kayaking on the James River and hanging out with friends.

Favorite VR experience:  Eve Valkyrie

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