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Best VR games and experiences for kids

VR is a great experience for explorers of all ages! There are many kid-friendly experiences in VR. We have selected a few of our favorites.

Carnival Games VR is a game where you are set in a carnival and you can explore, play carnival games, and earn prizes! This game is a load of fun for all ages and easy for young kids to learn how to play.

Tilt Brush is an experience where you are able to write and draw all around yourself in 3D. You can change the brush type and make stars or fire and you can change the color. Who knows, you might be the next Picasso! You can even save your masterpieces and watch yourself draw them or you can look at other users creations and explore!

Lucky's Tale is a story-based game. When Lucky the Fox's pet pig gets stolen you have to go save him! You fight monsters, bounce across mushrooms, collect coins, discover secret pathways and so much more!

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